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ECA (Educational Credential Assesment)

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is a process that evaluates foreign educational credentials to determine their equivalence in the Canadian education system, often required for immigration purposes.

ICAS (International Credential Assessment Service)

ICAS (International Credential Assessment Service) is a Canadian organization that evaluates and validates international educational credentials to determine their equivalence in the Canadian education system.

WES (World Education Services)

World Education Services (WES) is a non-profit organization that evaluates and credentializes international education, providing individuals with assessments of their academic credentials for use in the U.S. and Canada.

CES (Comparative Education Service)

Established by the University of Toronto in 1967, the Comparative Education Service (CES) is Canada’s exclusive university-based credential assessment agency, boasting over 50 years of trusted expertise.

IQAS (International Qualifications Assessment Service)

IQAS (International Qualifications Assessment Service) is a Canadian organization that evaluates and compares foreign educational credentials to their Canadian equivalents for immigration and employment purposes.

ICES (International Credential Evaluation Service)

ICES (International Credential Evaluation Service) is a Canadian organization that assesses and validates international educational credentials to determine their equivalence in the Canadian education system.

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Official Transcripts

A detailed academic record essential for career advancement and further education.

Medium of Instruction

Language proficiency validation for global opportunities and program requirements.

Syllabus Copy Attestation

Certifies and authenticates course outlines, strengthening applications to employers and educational institutions.

Attestation of Marks Memo

Validates academic excellence, crucial for job applications and immigration processes.

Marks Memo Correction

Precision-focused service correcting errors for an accurate representation of academic achievements.

Attestation of Degree Certificate

Validates qualifications, ensuring your degree certificate meets standards for employment and education purposes.

Nursing Verification

Quickly confirm the credentials of a registered nurse with our reliable verification service.

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Ashique S
Ashique S
I recently used Global Transcript Services for my WES credential assessment, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The entire process was smooth and efficient, thanks to their professionalism and expertise. I would like to give a special mention to Arjun, the agent who assisted me throughout. Arjun was always available to answer my questions and provided clear, detailed responses every time. His dedication and attention to detail ensured that every step of the procedure was completed accurately and without any issues. I highly recommend Global Transcript Services for anyone needing credential assessments or related services. Their team, especially Arjun, made a potentially stressful process incredibly straightforward and hassle-free. Thank you for your outstanding service!
Quick and professional service..... highly recommended for those who are looking for transcript services around universities in kerala
Ullas Joseph
Ullas Joseph
Excellent service and very clear communication
Sharon John Philip
Sharon John Philip
I had a wonderful experience with Global Transcript services. I will highly recommend to everyone.
goutham mba
goutham mba
Great Service and on-time update on the process, thank you
Reshma Rajan
Reshma Rajan
Excellent service
Ananya Prakash
Ananya Prakash
I did my wes through global transcript services, top notch service. thankyou
Sana Kc
Sana Kc
Their knowledgeable and efficient staff made the WES evaluation process smooth and hassle-free

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Frequently Asked Questions

A university transcript is an official document issued by your university that details your complete academic record. It typically includes:

  • Your student information (name, ID number)
  • Degrees earned
  • Courses taken (including semester/year)
  • Grades received in each course
  • Credits earned per course
  • Overall GPA (Grade Point Average)

Think of it as a historical record of your academic journey at the university. This document is crucial for various purposes, including:

  • Applying for graduate programs
  • Pursuing professional licenses
  • Employment applications (especially those requiring proof of education and grades)
  • Demonstrating academic qualifications for immigration purposes

ECA stands for Educational Credential Assessment. It’s a process required by Canadian immigration authorities to assess the value of your foreign educational credentials (diplomas and transcripts) in the Canadian education system.

The ECA process involves submitting your transcripts and other documents to a designated organization. These organizations will evaluate your credentials and issue a report comparing your education to equivalent Canadian standards. This report is essential for immigration applications, work permits, and other situations where proof of your foreign education is required in the context of Canada.

1. Degree Certificate: A clear photocopy of your original University degree certificate, including both the front and back sides.

2. Mark Sheets: Attested copies of all your mark sheets/grade cards are required. This includes documents from every semester or year of your program, regardless of regular attempts, re-appearances, or supplementary exams.

3. SSLC Copy: An attested photocopy of your SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) or its equivalent (10th standard certificate) is also mandatory.

While there aren’t official WES agencies (WES itself is an evaluation service), here at Global Transcript Services, we specialize in document attestation specifically for WES applications in Kerala. We can guide you through the entire process, ensuring your documents are properly prepared and verified for a smooth WES evaluation.